Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cheap Leather Insoles

Discovered these at Dollarama for $2 and they work!
I don't like to put up with discomfort in my shoes so I frequently turn to shoe inserts and this pair from Dollarama is a must-try.  I've used them in flats that were a size too big, ankle boots that had no padding and a few pairs of high heels. 
They are made of soft genuine leather on one side (my favourite part) and the other an anti-slip cushion of latex foam.  They do not come with an adhesive side to stick to your shoes but they stay put.  This is also good so you can use them in multiple pairs of shoes.  Both sides of the insert are perforated so that there is air flow.  In combination with the genuine leather sole, it prevents sweat and bacterial buildup.  
They will provide moderate padding and unfortunately I don't think the foam will hold up against everyday wear like Foot Petals.  I recommend them for occasional shoes instead - in shoes that you wear less than 3x per week.  But at this price point I have put them in my daily flats with the intention of replacing them when they start to wear out.

Sizes available:
Women 5-6, 7-9, 10
Men; 7, 8-10, 11-12.

I wear size 6.5 to 7 shoes and buy the 5-6 sized inserts.  These are so popular at Dollarama that the women inserts are often sold out.  In desperation, I once bought the men's size 7 insert and cut it to fit my shoes which did the job. 

Have you tried these? I have these inserts in 4 pairs of shoes already!

Need even more comfort for your shoes? Check out Foam Heel Cushions reviewed here.
 Or Foot Petals? These are made of very high quality foam but unfortunately I can't find them in Canada anymore - SDM and Sears have both discontinued their stock.  Please let me know if you've seen these in Canada!

Thanks for reading,
Babybubblz (Mira)


  1. THANK YOU!! I need these so bad! Will definitely check these out asap!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Always nice to find great deals at Dollarama. What a great blog you have! I'm following you now.

  3. Wow fantastic insoles definitely wanna try that one...I would imagine they would make walking a bit more comfortable.As to using them in sandals.The insoles actually help quite a bit. I had back surgery in January and started using two different kinds of insoles (gel and cushion) afterward. They made my April trip to WDW much more comfortable.

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  4. I have Foot Petals in all of my shoes haha. I don't like how they're impossible to remove though after you've worn them a few times. I'll have to check out my local dollar store to see if I can find any of these since they're easily removable :)

  5. I'm wondering if I can stack these on top of another pair of insoles.
    I felt them at dollarama, and these were on the thin side for me (heavier, meaning more pressure on the balls of the feet)
    So yeah...may need to experiment xD

  6. Hey Mira! :D

    I love that these are cheap *and* effective! Such a rare combo nowadays. We don't have Dollarama stores here but do have similar $1 stores. Will have to be on the lookout!

    (Haha...I bet those pics are "flattering"! ;)

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  8. dollarama has these most amazing finds!

  9. I'm a total Foot Petal user. These seem pretty well made for $2. Too bad we don't have Dollarama in NYC.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

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  11. omg that is awesome, I bought some for like $7 at Town and Shoes, now I feel I got ripped off lol. totally going to Dollarrama soon and get them!

  12. I saw them the other day, I thought they would rip easily but they look fine!

  13. Perfect!! I bought a pair yesterday, and they were just what I was looking for. Babbybubblz you are awesome!